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I'm licensed in North Carolina (where I reside), Alabama, Colorado, Georgia, Kansas, Michigan, Missouri, New Jersey, Ohio, Texas, and Utah and can provide life insurance to residents of those states. I provide competitive insurance quotes so that people are able to get affordable life insurance at low rates so that they can protect their family. I focus primarily on term life insurance. Sometimes that term life insurance can include living benefits. Many times business owners get a policy on themselves to protect their family and then get an additional policy to protect their business and business partners. For the savvy business owner, professional, or self employed individual looking to the future, I can discuss Indexed Universal Life (IUL) policies as well.



9611 Brookdale Dr., Ste 100-184 Charlotte NC 28215

When you have someone giving you insurance advice, you want them to work for YOU, not the insurance company to find the best rates for your situation. Insurance brokers represent several companies and are able to shop for you to find the best coverage for your dollar based on your age and health. I design plans that help control your coverage and your costs. Many people find that they are able to reduce their life insurance costs when they talk to an insurance broker. That can apply to independent contractors, self employed individuals, and small businesses. I started off in the accounting industry. After helping my clients with their business finances, I started to focus on small business owners and found they needed help with their personal finances when it came to insurance needs and planning for retirement. I became an insurance broker to help small business owners, self employed individuals, and independent contractors save money on their life insurance needs. As my relationships with my clients grow and their needs change, I then start helping them with saving towards tax free income during their retirement.


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