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Who Will Provide for Your Family When You Are Gone?

There are a few guarantees in life. One of them happens to be that at some point you will no longer be here. As difficult as it is to talk about, you want to talk about it when you are able to provide for the future. Of course, you don't want to leave the burden of your final expenses to your family. Depending on your age and your family situation, you may want to provide for your children's college education. When you leave, do you want your spouse to be forced out of your home or would you rather that the mortgage be paid off? Your income is necessary to maintain your family's current lifestyle; therefore, how will they live once your income goes with you?  Life insurance can meet many needs so that you can continue to provide for your family even when you aren't there.
We specialize in affordable life insurance in North Carolina.  We provide insurance quotes so that people are able to get affordable life insurance at low rates. We give custom quotes to fill people's insurance needs. The primary goal is to ensure that your life insurance needs are met so that your family will be taken care of when you can't do so yourself.

Role of Life Insurance and Type You Should Get

Just about everyone needs life insurance. Life insurance is basic financial protection for your family. Because families are different and circumstances are different, types of life insurance are different. 
The role of life insurance is to provide a lump sum of money (the "death benefit") in the event of your death to: 

  • Cover your debts, including the mortgage
  • Provide an income while the family makes the transition to continuing without you
  • Provide a nest egg for family or a favorite charity
  • Make sure children have money for post-secondary education
  • Provide money to pay for burial expenses

How Do Different Types Of Life Insurance Meet Different Types Of Needs?


Whole Life – typically smaller policies for permanent needs like funeral and burial

Term Life – temporary higher dollar policies for temporary needs like mortgage, college planning, and income replacement

Universal Life – flexible, permanent insurance with many benefits

Check out the next few pages for the type of policy you believe applies to you and your situation.


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