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Legacy Armour

Get Your Own Legacy Armour Vault at no cost to you here:  Legacy Armour Vault


Do you have a safe deposit box?  Are you a new parent without a will?  If you were incapacitated in a car accident, do your loved ones know what to do next?  Let me introduce to you - Legacy Armour.  It is an online, encrypted safe deposit box.  It is designed to protect your estate, your wealth, and your legacy and ensure your loved ones have the information they need if something happened to you.  

Watch this 2 minute video to see how it works: How Legacy Armour Works

Also note, you can create your will, power of attorney, and living will through this program.  Find out how details here: Estate Planning Documents .

The normal pricing for this program is currently $175/ year.  However, you can get this program at NO COST if you sign up through the link at the top of this page.  This is a benefit I offer to people because I believe it’s important, and I realize that it can help many people.


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